Our Reading Vision

We are striving to create a passionate reading community. We believe that every child should
be given the tools to develop into an enthusiastic confident reader.

Every child is taught a range of strategies to support their development to become a confident,
independent reader.  Children are encouraged to draw on all these strategies from the outset to make sense of a

Enjoying books with an adult is an essential tool of learning to read so adults will aim to ensure
that the child feel positive about themselves as readers each time they share a book.

Children become confident to take risks and have a go at reading. They become fluent,
expressive readers. They enjoy reading and discussing books, empathising with characters and
giving opinions.

Teachers nurture a love of books by introducing books with enthusiasm and enjoyment,
promoting a sense of wonder and expectation as the book is explored. Teachers use quality
texts in all aspects of their teaching across the curriculum and provide opportunities that
extend and enrich the children’s learning.

Reading at home is an essential part of learning to read. Children are encouraged to read
regularly at home and discuss texts with parents/carers.

Children have access to a wide variety of high quality texts in book corners and the
school library.

It is these tools and opportunities that we believe give our children the necessary skills to
become thoughtful and confident readers for life.

Reading Challenge

Our Reading Challenge has been launched again for this year.

Lye Library

Children in Years 2 to 6 attend Lye Library once a term as part of the English curriculum. They also attend history sessions in relation to the wider curriculum. The school works in partnership with staff at the library to develop opportunities and experiences for enjoyment of reading and learning.

Thank you once again, to the staff at Lye Libary for making us feel welcome for our half termly class visits.  The children enjoy listening to stories and selecting a book to bring back to school with them.  Children in Years 2-6 are all members through a school account.  The library is fantastic and is a free resource that everyone can access.  

Melvyn (the library assistant) is always keen to encourage children and families to visit the library and listen to ideas to try and make visits more enjoyable and valuable.  

Thank you to parents/carers who have already encouraged your children to become members outside of school.

Children in Years 5 and 6 have also visited the library to hear local history talks from historians.

Supporting reading at home.

Reading at home is an essential part of learning to read. Children are encouraged to read
regularly at home and discuss texts with parents/carers.

Each child from Year 1 to Year 6 has been given a bookmark that contains examples of questions that can be asked by parents/carers as the children are reading at home.

Stay and Read

Each term, we invite parents to come in and spend time reading books with their children in our school library.