Stories from our Story time Phonics scheme, read by the Phonic Fairy, who the children are used to seeing, are shown on You tube - 'Story time phonics and the phonic fairy' The TTS Group. Children could re-listen to the stories we have read so far and then practise the caption/action of the phoneme and writing the grapheme it links to, along with words that begin with or contain that specific grapheme/digraph. They could also find objects in their house or garden that begin with or contain the grapheme/digraph.

Most importantly, children in EYFS should be encouraged to read and have stories read to them. To talk about the stories they have shared and the characters in them, etc. To draw and write about their favourite stories. They could role play the stories using props made at home, or small world figures they have, or they could dress up as characters from the stories and retell them in their own words or make large story maps and go on a story walk while retelling. The children need to be encouraged to play! To build dens, to sing and dance, to paint, to draw, to play with play dough, to play outside (if possible), to play with small world figures, to build models out of construction materials or junk modelling resources - to use their imaginations and critical thinking skills - which they are amazing at.

Search for these on You Tube: Cosmic kids Yoga; Get Squiggling - draw with me; Go noodle Get Moving; Andy's Wild work outs; Hammond education; Phonics - full circle game!; PE with Joe; The number train