Governors of a school are like a Board of Directors, who make the policy decisions. The Head teacher manages, organises and administers the school within these policies.

Governors interview and appoint staff. They decide how the school budget is spent. They support the standards of behaviour agreed by staff. They set and fully support the curricular aims of the school and also ensure that the National Curriculum is being taught.

The Governors monitor the curriculum content and delivery through regular meetings of the Governors Curriculum Committee. The Governors are encouraged to visit the school at any time and look at aspects of the curriculum in operation. They meet once a term, and there are two sub-committees which meet termly - the Finance, Personnel and Premises committee and the School Improvement/Curriculum committee.

School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together. They cannot act individually. None of our Governors have made a declaration on the Register of Business interests.

The current Governing body, led by Revd. Tom Fish, the Chair, is:-

Finance, Premises, Personnel School Improvement/Curriculum
Ms A Middleton Ms A Middleton
Mrs R Jordan Mrs R Jordan
Mrs J Pycraft Mrs J Pycraft
Mr T Gregory Mr T Gregory
Revd T Fish Mrs R Blackburn (Chair)
Mrs R Blackburn Revd T Fish
Cllr M Hanif Cllr M Hanif
Mr R Mason (Chair) Mr R Mason
Mrs E Bunting Mrs E Bunting
Miss R Evans Miss R Evans
Clerk: Miss L Wooldridge Clerk: Mrs P Boraston
Performance Management Pay
Mr R Mason Mr T Gregory
Mrs J Pycraft Revd T Fish
Mrs R Blackburn Mrs J Pycraft
Staff Dismissal Appeals
Cllr M Hanif Vacancy
Mrs J Pycraft
Mr T Gregory
Pupil Discipline
3 Governors