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Have you or someone you know been a victim of a hate crime or hate incident? Hate crimes and incidents come in many different forms. It can be because of hatred on the grounds of your race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability. Hate crime in any form is wrong. That is why it is important that if hate crime happens to you or someone you know, that you report it.

True Vision is here to give you information about hate crime or incidents and advice on how to report it. On this website, you can: - find out what hate crimes or hate incidents are - find out about the ways you can report them - report using the online form - find information about people that can help and support you if you have been a victim Reporting makes a difference - to you, your friends, and your community. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it happening to someone else. You will also help the police to better understand the level of hate crime in your local area, and improve the way they respond to it.

We have reporting forms at school if you would prefer to fill in a paper form, just call in at the office.