Meet Our Staff

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are: Ms A Middleton (Headteacher) , Mrs R Jordan (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs M Ditchfield (Assistant Headtecher and Y6 teacher) and Mrs S Jones (Inclusion Manager and Y6 teacher). If you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of any child, do contact one of these members of staff. Further information about safeguarding at Rufford is available in a booklet from the School Office.

Headteacher Ms A Middleton
Deputy Headteacher Mrs R Jordan
Assistant Headteacher Mrs M Ditchfield
Inclusion Manager Mrs S Jones
Year 6 teachers Mrs M Ditchfield & Mrs S Jones
Year 5 teacher Mrs L Roberts
Year 4 teacher Miss D Wood
Year 3 teacher Mr B Bromley
Year 2 teachers Mrs J Carrier and Mrs B Read
Year 1 teacher Miss C Mills
Reception teachers Mrs J Smith & Mrs G Gibson
Nursery Manager Mrs N Taylor

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs B Read
Mrs V Snape
Mrs K Amos
Mrs N Wood
Miss C James
Mrs J Inglin
Mrs R Evans
Mrs G Smith
Mrs E Hodge
Mrs L Hodgetts
Mrs E Stevens
Mrs T Jones
Mrs J Greenwood
Mrs K Aston
HLTAs Mrs B Read, Miss L Surmacz
Office Manger Ms P Laight
Finance Administrator Miss L Wooldridge
Site Manager Mr S Bennett