Reading Challenge

Our reading challenge has been launched again for this year.  

Please also check your children's book bags to see our new reading bookmarks.  These have been designed to help you to support your child with reading at home.  Thank you again for your support.

Book Club

To be confirmed for 2019.

Lye Library

Thank you once again, to staff at Lye Library for making us feel welcome for our termly/half termly class visits.  The children enjoy listening to stories and selecting a book to bring back to school with them.  All children in Years 2 -6 are members.  The library is fantastic and a free resource that everyone can access.

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies has become a great success in Years 2 and Year 6.  Each child from Year 2 has been assigned a reading buddy from Year 6.  They meet together once a week to share books and have a fabulous time.  Look out for reading comments in your children's reading records written by the Year 6 buddies.

Reading buddies have now been set up across KS1 and KS2.  Year 3 and Year 4 children are buddies.  Year 5 pupils are reading buddies with Year 1 pupils.  These sessions are enjoyed by the children. 

"My buddy asks me difficult questions about my book to make me think.  I read with expression and can imagine what is happening.  He tells me to slow down and think about what I am reading." (Ben)

"My buddy tells me that he is proud of my reading.  He helps me to correct my mistakes."  (Ella)